Fleet Reserve Association


Chartered on 27 July, 1982

Bylaws revised 3 January, 1989

Bylaws revised 6 February, 1990

Bylaws revised 26 April, 1997

Bylaws revised 10 July, 1999

Revised to Bylaw and Standing Rules 13 April, 2002

Standing Rules revised 14 June, 2006

Standing Rules revised 18 July, 2006

Sta nding Rules revised 14 October, 2006

Standing Rules revised 14 June, 2008

Standing Rules revised 13 February, 2010

Standing Rules revised 14 August, 2010

         Standing Rules revised 14 November 2015

        Standing Rules revised 1 December 2016

Standing Rules revised 10 February 2018
Standing Rules revised 10 March 2018



With reverence for God and Country and being ever mindful of the glorious traditions of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard; our duty to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; our responsibility to aid in maintaining adequate defense for our beloved country; our desire to assist in obtaining the best type of personnel for our Sea Services; our interest in the welfare of those who served and are now serving; our devotion to our shipmates, in good fortune or distress; our reverence for the memory of our departed Shipmates; we associate ourselves together and declare this to be the Preamble to the Constitution of the Fleet Reserve Association.   


Gem State Branch 382 Bylaw


ARTICLE-1 Gem State Branch 382 Bylaw.


Section 101: Gem State Branch 382 shall use the National C&BL, Standing Rules and Rituals, and Roberts Rule of Order for guidance and procedures. 

* * * * * * * 

Gem State Branch 382 Standing Rules


SR-1  Membership.


SR-1 (a) The Secretary of Branch 382 shall order Continuous Membership Pendant and Pins, as appropriate, from the National Financial Secretary, the cost to be paid from the Branch general fund.

(1) The Branch will pay the second years dues for each new member of the branch.
(2) The Branch will pay $40 toward the Life Membership fee if the Member elects to become a Life Member during the second year of membership.


SR-2  Meetings.


SR-2 (a) The regular stated meeting will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, at 1000 (10:00 a.m.), at the FRA  Branch and Unit home at 1012 11th. Ave. North, Nampa, ID 83687, or such other location as determined by the Board of Directors. On special occasions, the Branch Board of Directors can change the day of the month to hold regular Branch meetings.


SR-2 (b) Six (6) members in good standing present at the opening of the meeting, shall constitute a quorum.


SR-2 ( c ) When a Branch Officer is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings, without sufficient cause, or fails to perform the duties of office elected to, the Branch Board of Directors shall declare the office vacant, and shall appoint a replacement.


 SR-3  Officers.


SR-3(a) The members shall nominate and elect officers and Directors, as provided for in Section 1215 C&BL. They consist of the following:


(1)     President.

(2)     Vice-President.

(3)     Secretary.

(4)     Treasurer.

(5)     Six Board of Directors. (See Section 1215(g) FRA C&BL.)

(6)     Financial Secretary


SR-3 (b) The Branch Board of Directors shall consist of the following, in accordance with Art.12,Sec.1215 (g)

(1)     Elected Officers.

(2)     Directors.

(3)     Junior Past President.


The Chairman shall be the Branch President.


SR-4   Nominations and Elections of Officers and Directors.


SR-4 (a) In March of each year, the nominations shall be open. The nominating committee shall submit recommendations to the membership. The nominations shall remain open until elections are held.


SR-4 (b) In April of each year, elections of Officers and Directors shall be held in accordance with Section 1217 C&BLís. The President and Vice President shall be elected for one year.

The offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a period of two (2) years. Directors shall be elected to a two (2) year term with terms staggered so that not more than four (4) members be elected at any one (1) election.

The Financial Secretary shall be elected for a period of two (2) years. The Treasurer and Financial Secretary shall be elected in alternate years so Branch 382 can have continuity in the Investment Funds.


SR-4 (c) At a regular meeting in May, the elected Officers and Directors shall be installed into office, for the term of the office.


SR-5  Committee and Branch Officers Appointments.


SR-5 (a) In accordance with Section 1221 C&BL, the Branch President may appoint the following Committee Chairmen:

(1)     Americanism-Patriotism/Americanism Essay Contest.

(2)     Audit, Budget and Finance

(3)     Hospitals, Welfare, and Rehabilitation.    

(4)     Legislative Service.

(5)     Public Relations/Historian.

(6)     Youth Activities

(7)     Membership and Retention.
(8)     Veterans Service

SR-5 (b) The President shall appoint such other Committees/Representatives as may be required to conduct Branch business.


(1)     Master-at-Arms

(2)     Chaplain

(3)     Veterans Administration Volunteer Service (VAVS).

(4)     Idaho Veterans Assistance League Representative.

(5)     Branch Death Benefit Fund.

(6)     Newsletter Editor


SR-6  Duties of Elected Officers.


SR-6 (a) President: The President shall be the senior officer and have direction of the Branch. He shall call special meetings upon written request of the Board of Directors or when so deemed in the best interest of the Branch. He will, in all such instances, require the Secretary to advise all members of such meetings seventy-two (72) hours in advance of such meetings. The President will chair all Board of Directors and Branch meetings, and ensure good order and conduct of all members.


SR-6 (b) Vice President: He/She shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.

He/She shall be the Chairman of the Audit committee.
He/she shall be the Chairman of the Membership and Retention committee in the absence of a Membership and Retention Chairman.


 SR-6 (c) Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain a complete set of all records and files of the Branch for use by the Branch Officers and Board of Directors, record the minutes of all business meetings of the Branch and Board of Directors, maintain incoming and outgoing files of all correspondence received and written by Branch Officers and Directors, print and distribute the Branch monthly newsletter, ensure that all reports required by Region and National Officers are submitted promptly, be custodian of all Branch supplies and materials received, perform such other duties as may be required by the President and Board of Directors and assist Committee chairmen in the preparation and distribution of required annual reports.


SR-6 (d) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Branch funds delivered to him.

Maintain complete and accurate book-keeping records including checking accounts and such other accounts authorized by the Board of Directors, promptly pay all expenses authorized by the budget or by the Branch membership, prepare and make a financial report to the membership at each Branch meeting, keep the Branch Officers and Board of Directors advised as to the financial status of the Branch and subject his accounts to audit on demand and make all accounts available to the Audit Committee. The Treasurer shall pay the Regional Per-Capita Tax prior to the annual Regional Convention, to the Regional Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be the Registered Agent with the Idaho Secretary of State's Office. The Treasurer shall be responsible to promptly pay all taxes and utilities for all properties owned by Branch 38. The Treasurer shall be the Chairman of the Budget Committee.


SR-6 (e) Financial Secretary: Shall be the Chairman of Branch 382 Investment Committee, make monthly reports on Investments in accordance with SR-8 (c).


SR-6 (f) Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall have the authority to act in the case of emergencies for the Branch and then report their actions to the membership at the next regular meeting, have the authority to require any officer, or member having custody of Branch funds or investments to furnish a fidelity bond, paid from the Branch funds and sit as a review board on all matters concerning conduct or behavior of any member of the Branch or Unit 382.


SR-7  Duties of Appointed Branch Officers.


SR-7 (a) Master-At-Arms: In accordance with Section 1222 C&BL, the Branch President shall appoint a Master-At-Arms who shall perform the duties as the Branch President shall direct.

The Master-At-Arms (MAA) shall be responsible for the preparation of the meeting hall for all branch meetings and special events. Maintain order on the floor during all meetings.

Be responsible for admission and departure of all persons to and from the meeting hall during all meetings. Maintain the attendance log at each meeting. Introduce all visitors and guest at the Branch meetings. Parade and retire colors as necessary. Be in charge of all balloting during all elections.

Assist the President as requested.


SR-7 (b) Chaplain: The Branch President shall appoint a Chaplain who shall perform non-sectarian devotional duties and service to the Branch. The Chaplain shall be the spiritual advisor to the membership, give the opening and closing prayer at the Branch meetings, preside at the devotional services of the Branch, including funeral services at grave side when requested and in the absence of a Service Officer the Chaplain will assume the duties of this office.


SR-7 (c) Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian shall be the Junior Branch Past President and shall advise the Branch at all Branch meetings as to the proper parliamentary procedures in all cases not covered in the National C&BLís and Rituals and Standing Rules. In cases where neither covers a given situation, the President shall decide the case. Be familiar with National C&BLís, Ritual and Standing Rules, Northwest Region Bylaws, Branch Standing Rules and Roberts Rules of Order. Be the legal advisor for the Branch.


SR-7 (d) Idaho Veterans Assistance League Representative: The President shall appoint an individual to represent the Branch to serve on the Idaho Veterans Assistance League. The purpose of the Idaho Veterans Assistance League is for benefiting and assisting residents of the Idaho State Veterans Home in Boise. The appointment will be for a two (2) year term. Members of the League are expected to attend quarterly meetings to represent the Branch.


SR-7 (e) Ada County United Veterans Council Representative: The President shall appoint a member of the Branch, to represent the Branch on the Ada County United Veterans Council. In addition, an alternate will also be appointed. The Representative will represent the Branch at the monthly Ada County United Veterans Council meetings and report to the membership on business conducted by the Council.


SR-7 (f) Veterans Administration Volunteer Service (VAVS): The President shall appoint an individual to represent the Branch on the Veterans Administration Volunteer Services. This position must be certified by the National VAVS Representative of the FRA.


SR-7 (g) Death Benefit Fund: The President, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, shall appoint an individual to administer the Branch Death Benefit Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to provide immediate financial assistance to deceased memberís designated beneficiary.


SR-7 (h) Newsletter Editor: Shall publish bi-monthly newsletter and deliver to the Secretary for printing and distribution.


SR-7  (i) The Americanism Chairman shall hold a yearly Americanism Essay Contest in accordance with the National Americanism essay contest rules, the prizes to be determined by the Chairman and the Board of Directors.


SR-8  Duties of Committee Members.


SR-8 (a) All Branch committees shall perform the duties of their titles, and shall function under the supervision of the Branch President and Board of Directors. The duties of each committee shall be as prescribed in the National C&BLís, Rituals, and Standing Rules as amended by the Northwest Region Bylaws, Branch Standing Rules and Branch President.


SR-8 (b) The Chairman of each committee shall be responsible for the performance of his committee including the submitting of all reports to the Branch, Northwest Region, and National Officers through the Branch Secretary.


SR-8 (c) Investment Committee: Shall consist of a minimum of (3) members (including the Chairman)

These members should have some experience in buying and selling stocks. The goals of the committee are:


A: Withdrawal of funds may only be authorized by the Branch President and the Financial Secretary or the Branch Treasurer. The funds withdrawn may only be issued to FRA Branch 382 for deposit only in the branch checking account. Expenditure of those funds may only be authorized by a majority vote of those members present at a regularly schedules meeting and may only be utilized for a specifically named purpose. The committee has the authority, based on these goals, and after consultation and advice of a full service Broker, and a majority vote of the committee to buy and sell stocks, making a full report at the next Branch meeting.


SR-8 (d)  Americanism and Patriotism Committee: This committee shall oversee all patriotism activities of the Branch, including participation in the Nampa Armed Forces Day Parade, Memorial Day Services, the Boise Fourth of July Parade, the Boise Veterans Day Parade and other ceremonies and services.

The Committee shall, in collaboration with Cloverdale Funeral Home , conduct a Memorial Day service at Terrace Lawn Memorial Park on the Saturday preceding Memorial Day.


SR-8(e) Youth Activities: This committee shall oversee all youth activities programs of the Branch.


SR-8(f) Property Manager: The Property Manager shall be jointly appointed by the Branch and Unit in a joint meeting. The Property Manager shall oversee the maintenance and upkeep of all property belonging to the Branch and Unit.


SR-9  Finance Procedures.


SR-9 (a) The fiscal year for Branch 382 shall be the calendar year and commence on 1 January and end on 31 December of the same year, both dates inclusive.


SR-9 (b) Branch 382 shall operate on a budget system to govern expenditures. A proposed budget shall be presented by the Treasurer to the Board of Directors in December of each year. The Board of Directors shall review, revise and recommend the annual budget to the membership for approval, at the regular January meeting each year.


SR-9 c) No member shall obligate the Branch in any manner without approval of the membership. The authorization for non-budgeted expenditures of funds shall be made only after the approval of a majority of the members present at the meeting following the meeting at which the request for such expenditure is made unless it is for emergency or extraordinary circumstances.



SR-9 (d) Non-budgeted expenditures by President and/or Treasurer shall be reported to the Board of Directors and shall be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors present at the next scheduled Board meeting. All such expenditures shall be reported to the membership for ratification at the next regular meeting.


SR-9 (e) All Branch funds shall be deposited in such financial institutions as the Board of Directors may determine. All accounts shall be in the name of Gem State Branch 382 Fleet Reserve Association. Checks issued for withdrawal against the Branch accounts shall be signed by the President or Vice-President or the Treasurer or designated authorized representative.


SR-9 (f) Auditing of Branch funds shall be not less than annually, at the discretion of the Audit Committee Chairman. Each audit report shall be presented to the Board of Directors not later than the next Board of Directors meeting, following the audit. Audit results will be reported to the membership at the following meeting.


SR-9 (g) The President, Vice President and Treasurer have the authority to spend up to a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) each. Each will advise, at least, one of the others of any expenitures incurred.


SR-9 (h) All reports of a financial nature, including checkbooks, receipts, audit reports, and other financial documents shall be retained in the Branch files for not less than seven (7) years.


SR-9 (i) Each new member initiated into Branch 382, at the time of the initiation, shall be given the following items:

(1)     Fleet Reserve Association lapel button.

(2)     Copy of Branch Bylaw and Standing Rules.  

A copy of the Fleet Reserve Association National C&BLs, Rituals, and Standing Rules shall be made available to all members on request.


 SR-9 (j) The President and Treasurer have the authority to transfer funds from the checking to other Branch accounts (no limit).

The President and Treasurer have the authority to transfer from other Branch accounts to checking accounts, amounts not to exceed the specific obligation incurred between Board of Directors meetings. Transferred funds from other accounts to the checking account shall be approved by the Board of Directors within one (1) month of the transfer, without exception.


SR-9 (k) The Branch shall provide a position fidelity bond, through National FRA, covering the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.


SR-9 (l) A liability insurance policy shall be purchased in the name of Gem State Branch 382 Inc.

(Amount to be determined by Branch BOD )


SR-10  Officer Medallions and Past Branch Officer Pins.


SR-10 (a) The Secretary shall order and issue Branch Officer Medallions for the following officers:


(1)     President.

(2)     Vice-President.

(3)     Secretary.

(4)     Treasurer.

(5)     Each Director.

(6)     Chaplain.

(7)     MAA.

(8)     Parliamentarian.

(9)     Financial Secretary

These medallions will be the property of the Branch and shall be turned over to their successor, upon relinquishing office.


SR-10 (b) The Branch shall purchase and present the following outgoing officers with the proper past Branch Officer pins:


(1)     President.

(2)     Vice-President.

(3)     Secretary.

(4)     Treasurer.

(5)     Each Director.

(6)     Chaplain.

(7)     MAA.

(8)     Financial Secretary

The Officer shall have been in office and present a minimum of six (6) regular Branch meetings. These pins shall be presented at the installation ceremony.


SR-11 Miscellaneous.


SR-11 (a) For each of the conventions each year, Branch 382 shall be entitled to elect one (1) delegate to the convention. In addition, one (1) delegate for each twenty-five (25) members in good standing or major fractions thereof. The number of delegates will be determined as of 1 March of each year. The delegate must have attended six (6) of the twelve (12) branch meetings prior to any convention and furnish a report to the branch members upon return.


SR-11 (b) Branch 382 shall allot a sum not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000.00) from the Branch general fund, if available, to the Branchís elected delegate, to be divided equally among the duly elected delegates in attendance at the National convention, a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) per delegate.


SR-11(c)  Branch 382 shall allot a sum not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000.00) from the Branch general fund, if available; to the Branchís elected delegate, to be divided equally among the duly elected delegates in attendance at the Northwest Regional conventions, a maximum of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) per delegate.


 SR-12The Branch shall elect a Shipmate of the Year for service to the Branch in the previous 12 month period in November of each year. Nominations shall be opened in September meeting and remain open until the election in November. The Shipmate of the Year will be honored at the annual awards presentation ceremony in December of each year.  





John Osier                               1982-1983

Glen Dittman                           1983-1984

Jack Rhoads                            1984-1985

Eugene Drake                         1985-1986

Andy Odom                              1986-1987

Warren Evans                         1987-1988

Ed Utley                                    1988-1989

Robert Burmeister                   1989-1989

Arthur Boyle                             1989-1990

Glen Dittman                            1990-1991

John Eseltine                           1991-1992

Ralph Elston                            1992-1994

Eugene Drake                         1994-1996

Robert Burmeister                   1996-2000

Jack Rhoads                             2000-2002

Eldon Harris                              2002-2003

Glen Dittman                            2003-2004

Oscar Rogers                          2004-2005

Eugene Drake                          2005-2006

Dan Holloway                           2006-2008

Jim Doering                              2008-2010

Hazel Bettencourt                    2010-2012

Robert Keith                             2012-2014 
Ken Nungesser                       2014-2016
Bill Hall